05 – 13 / 2023

West Houston SDA Church, Houston, Texas

Are you ready to witness the incredible accuracy of Bible prophecies? They have predicted human history with 100% precision, and the evidence is right in front of our eyes. From global government chaos to natural disasters, wars, and devastating sickness across the planet, it’s all been foretold—and there is more to come.

But don’t let fear consume you. The Promise Prophecies is the ultimate guide for anyone interested in understanding the predictions of Daniel and Revelation, or global issues and their impact on our lives today. Through this comprehensive resource, you’ll learn to decipher the prophecies of the Bible and understand what they mean for the world we are living in today.

With The Promise Prophecies, you can pull back the veil of mystery and uncertainty, and give yourself a foundation of peace and understanding of what the Bible says will happen next. You’ll no longer have to live with fear but instead, experience a revelation in your life and find the answers to start enjoying the life and opportunities that God originally created you for.

Get ready to see the prophecies of the Bible in a whole new way—full of hope and bright promise. Don’t wait any longer, register to “The Promise Prophecies” today and discover the incredible power of prophecy.

Key Benefits

Understand why the world is falling into darkness
Grasp God’s plan of hope for humanity
Discover the evidence God will act soon
Gain the tools you and your family need to survive the coming crisis

Find peace and joy in your life today




Evangelist & Pastor

About Byron Corbett

Evangelist & Pastor

Get ready to experience the captivating communication skills of Byron Corbett, a seasoned radio and TV personality who has been presenting the truth of Bible prophecy for over 30 years. His research has taken him through Europe and the Holy Lands, giving him a unique and well-rounded perspective on the subject.

With his vast knowledge and captivating style, Byron has been transforming the lives of thousands throughout North America and abroad through his conferences. End-time prophecy and perplexing global issues become crystal clear as he expertly explains the intricacies of Bible prophecy.

Whether you’re a long-time follower of Bible prophecy or a newcomer to the subject, Byron’s presentations will leave you with a deeper understanding of the topic and a newfound appreciation for the power of prophecy. So, if you’re ready to explore the mysteries of Bible prophecy and gain a new perspective on the world around us, join Byron Corbett on this exciting journey of discovery.



May 5th 07:00 PM  

Session 1: Someone is in Charge

May 6th  05:45 PM 

Session 2: There’s Hope in the Chaos

May 6th  07:00 PM 

Session 3: You Can Live Shame Free

May 7th  07:00 PM 

Session 4: The Anti-Christ Will Be Overcome

May 8th  07:00 PM 

Session 5: You Can Live Stress-Free

May 9th

Night Off

May 10th  07:00 PM 

Session 6: Your Past Can Be Erased

May 11th  07:00 PM 

Session 7: There’s Hope Beyond Death

May 12th  07:00 PM 

Session 8: You Don’t Have to Fear God

May 13th  11:20 AM 

Session 9: A Better World is Coming

What People Are Saying…

“I was desperately searching for peace. I knew the answers lay in the Bible, but I never read it. When I went to this seminar, it felt like an

anvil was lifted off my back. It made a big difference in my heart.”


“This seminar answered all my questions, plus more questions I didn’t even know I had. I have hope now, because I know the end of the story.” —Cecille

“A very professional presentation. This seminar took ancient biblical

truth and made it relevant for my life today. Jesus is more real to me

as a result.” —Steve



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Friday, May , 2023

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