West Houston Vision

 Our West Houston Vision process is a prayerful and deliberate activity that all leaders and members are encouraged and invited to participate in until we’re sure what God’s will is for our church, what our church will do, and how we’ll accomplish all these amazing goals

Next Huddle

Oct 7th, 2023

West Houston SDA Church, Houston

Fellowship Hall

Vision Update

What We Have Done

  • Listening Sessions. In two sessions we invited the church to come and communicate exactly what they thought was going well and what needed improvement. We wanted the church to be heard, understood and loved.
  • Natural Church Development (NCD) Survey. We surveyed the church to understand exactly what areas of our church was going well and what needed to be improved. We discussed those results in a special session and encouraged members to further express their thoughts and hearts.
  • Where the Church clearly spoke we need improvement:
  • Empowering Leadership
  • Loving Relationships
  • Effective Structures
  • Sermon Series’. Each Sermon Series was deliberately selected to address and minister to the enduring concerns of the congregation illuminated during the listening sessions and the NCD survey. These series included our important Adventist Identity, Forgiveness and Commitment. Click HERE to go to see our sermon series’.
  • 5 Levels of Spiritual Leadership. In this session we addressed the “empowering leadership” concern expressed by the church in the “Five Levels of Spiritual Leadership” seminar. We learned about the five levels of leadership where we might stand and how that impacts who we are and what God wants us to be. Look below for some testimonials on the seminar.

Where We Are

October 7th Huddle. In our upcoming Vision Huddle, we will study local community demographics and how our church can meet their needs and bring them the Gospel. We are called by God to spread the gospel and help those in need. Both will be the focus of our efforts!

Where We Are Going

November 4th Huddle. At this Huddle we look at ourselves and seek to understand our spiritual gifts through the APEST Test which breaks-down our gifts and we will discuss how these gifts can be applied in ministry. We continue to build on the foundations of previous sessions and seek to apply our gifts to our community.

The “Why”

Understand Times Have Changed & So Must We
God Has A Unique Plan For Our Church
This Process Requires Our Time, Attention & Prayer
Our Goal is a Spirit-Led Community

Knowing Exactly What Direction To Go


What People Say

I learnt a lot about Spiritual leadership today. My highlight was that you are a leader in whichever position you are in. I remember when pastor Diego asked those who were leaders to raise their hands and I was trying to think so hard about it. I didn’t think I was a leader since I was looking at it position-wise, but afterwards I realized that I was a leader wherever I am at, in whichever position I am in, simply because I am a child of Christ. Whatever I do, say, and think is an example to people around me, especially my younger cousins I live with. Thank you. I am looking forward to more Mission Huddles.

Michelle Onwonga


What People Say

“What I got out of the 5 Levels of Leadership is that whenever I start a new role, whether in church or at work, I always start at level 1—the Position Level. In my own mind, I feel like I am starting at level 3 or 4, simply because of my prior experience and accomplishments. I learned that I need to recognize that the people around me see me in as a level one because of a position in I am in. I realize now that I have to work to get to the next level and earn the trust of those around me. With God’s grace and guidance, I will grow.”

Shelley Gardner


What People Say

I was inspired to know that God can turn anyone into a great leader. I love giving Bible studies and leading people to Jesus, but now I know I can do more than just Bible Studies, I can help people become better leaders too.



What People Say

This was a spirit-filled session. It is amazing to learn that we are all leaders, and it doesn’t matter if you are at a lower level, with God’s power, we can all become better leaders. I can’t wait for the next Mission Huddle.

David Otieno

Care & Connect, Communications

The Vision Journey