West Houston Vision

Hello West


We are a Seventh-day Adventist community for all nations passionately preparing for the second coming of Christ. We believe West Houston is here by divine purpose, poised to bless the entire city of Houston. Over three decades, we've made our presence known, feeding the hungry, mentoring prisoners, and ministering to countless families, all the while boldly proclaiming the return of Jesus.


Reflecting on our journey, we're filled with purpose and hope for the future. After a 15-month process of self-discovery and evaluation, listening to our members, conducting demographic studies, and establishing spiritual gift inventories, West Houston is ready to embrace our purpose anew.


Our renewed vision is clear: "To impact Houston for Christ.", extending beyond our church walls to bring hope and healing to the city. Our mission is simple: "To know God and make Him known.”, believing that by deepening our own relationship with God, we can introduce Him to others. Our method is straightforward: "To make disciples for Jesus."


These statements were not created to change or erase what has been accomplished in the past. In fact, these statements are built on the solid foundation laid out before us. Thus, we believe this fresh approach renews our missional commitment and provides a clear vision for West Houston to accomplish its purpose until Jesus comes.


Come and join us as we rededicate our hearts and minds. Invite friends and family. The best days of West Houston are yet to come. God never ceases to amaze us.


We look forward to seeing you there.




The Pastoral Team,


Diego Boquer, Sergio Ochaeta, Rubi Pimentel


Our Seven Priorities


Find resources related to the Mission and Vision process here.